We lay the foundations for tangible + positive change

→ Co-evolution

With 57 years of experience and accumulated expertise, and a team of thinkers, planners and consultants, we opt for a transparent, comprehensive, and interdisciplinary approach that simplifies complexity and delivers human-led and tech-powered solutions that withstand scrutiny and create shared and sustained benefits for the investors of projects and developments, the local communities and the environment.



Play + Communicate

Put our mark on each project. Treat each project as a source of excitement, pleasure, challenge and inspiration. Freely express our feelings, ideas, thoughts – dialogue. Learn through play and to play through learning. Evolve through our successes but also, through our failures.


Love + Give

Let people be themselves. Work as one Team. Always support a positive atmosphere within the team! Celebrate our successes. Support each other in difficulties. Protect our customers from wrong decisions.


Ask + Dare

Pursue continuous learning. Link theory to practice
Try to achieve synergies between projects and people. Think of ‘mistakes’ as ways to stir our creativity and mentally push our boundaries encourage diversity.


Protect + Set Boundaries

Set boundaries for ourselves, learn to say no and ask for help when we need it. Appreciate good humour as a way to connect. Always communicate with empathy, try to detect the other’s emotions & understand their perspective. Champion for quality- applicability-legality.



  • Holistic approach spanning all secondary issues
  • Establishment of case’s key issues to be researched
  • Conclusions’ induction
  • Comprehensive and constant analysis of the above issues
  • Formulating Proposals’ towards meeting strategic objectives
  • Co-decision on tactics for meeting objectives


  • Analysis + Synthesis: Establishment – adherence to methodology and standardized procedures, through continuous research and study of legislation and case law
  • Reliability: Knowledge of framework and procedures in every aspect of development
  • Effectiveness: Project’s constant evaluation, through ongoing internal and external consultation procedures
  • Specialized and social approach: Differentiated and flexible-adaptable consultancy focusing on cultivating relationships of synergy
  • Application of spatial tools (GIS)


  • 1.

    Providing individualized and comprehensive consulting services on coordination and technical-scientific project’s support - One-stop-shop services.

  • 2.

    Technical Due Diligence and developmental capacities examination.

  • 3.

    Conduct and support of Special Spatial Development Plans - ESHASE, ESHADA, EPS, POTA etc.

  • 4.

    Spatial Planning Studies support - TPS etc.

  • 5.

    Project’s maturity procedures - Forestry, Archeological, Streams, Road Identification etc. via research and drafting of Technical Reports, Photo Interpretations etc.

  • 6.

    Addressing issues of environmental-cultural protection - Development in Natura 2000 areas, Traditional Settlements etc.

  • 7.

    Μasterplan drafting and support.

  • 8.

    Investments, strategy shaping and support.

  • 9.

    Administration’s support on interpreting and ameliorating spatial planning legal framework.

  • 10.

    Checking the legality of administrative actions.

  • 11.

    Resolving complex legal issues before the Administration and Administrative Courts.

  • 60

    years of experience
  • 100%

    of Greece’s 74 Regional units house our projects
  • 2.000+

    cases in our archive
  • 500.000+

    sq.m. that we have studied through our projects

    euros active projects' budget


Panagiotis Gimisis

Civil Engineer Founder / CEO Short bio

60 years of professional experience - 48 exclusively in technical legislation. Civil Engineer (NTUA, 1963). Holds licenses in Regional Planning (01C) and Town-Planning (02C). Special Secretary and Office Dir. to PEHODE Min. K. Liaskas (1989-1990) – Councilor to ES Min. N. Konstantopoulos (1989). Councilor to Min. of HOP (1984-1985) and D.E. (1974) E. Kouloumpis. Technical Advisor to Aigaleo M (2014-2019) Galatsiou M (1995-2002) OEK (1983-1990) EETAA (1983-1988) and DEPOS (1985). Participation in various lawmaking and technical committees and boards: PEHODE, ΤΕΕ, SPME etc. Alderman (1979-1988) and Chairman of Council of the M of Aigaleo (1987-1988).

Vasilis P. Gimisis

Architect - Urban + Regional Planner (MSc) / Co-Founder - Director Short bio

20 years of professional experience. Licensed Regional (01A) and Urban Planner (02B). Head of major development projects in tourism and urban regeneration. Pro-bono/volunteer work on law-making committees (L. 4495/2017, revision of L. 2508/1997 etc), and NGOs: WWF Hellas, ELLET, EEDIPOX etc. Author of articles on climate change mitigation, disaster/crisis management through planning and sustainable development.

Christiana Tzamou

Architect - Urban Planner (MSc-PhD cand) / Senior Associate - PM Short bio

Architect Engineer (NTUA) with expertise in urban planning. PhD thesis on protection of peri-urban rural space of metropolises. Participation in Research Projects of Urban Planning Research Lab (NTUA). Participation in conferences, active in attending seminars and workshops. 4 years of professional experience in urban planning (theory/ legislative framework/ implementation) through projects in G+A and through collaboration with Ministry of Environment and Energy and "Elliniki Etairia - Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage".

Thanasis Senteles

Urban + Regional Planner - GIS Analyst (MSc) / Senior Associate - PM Short bio

Urban and Regional Planner with expertise in wind power project management and Geographical Information Systems. Αcademic and research interests, primarily focused on the spatial impacts of RES projects in mountainous areas, public consultation, participation in spatial/urban planning through the utilization of PPGIS, and spatial analysis of urban phenomena.

Daphne Delfaki

Urban + Regional Planner (MSc) / Senior Associate Short bio

Urban and Regional Planner with a postgraduate degree in Development and Migration studies. Professional experience in stakeholder engagement, spatial analysis, placemaking and project permitting. Academic and research interests focus on social engagement in planning processes, the production and consumption of urban space, and developmental geography.

Thanasis Kouretas

Urban + Regional Planner GIS Analyst (MSc) / Senior Associate Short bio

5 years of professional experience. Licensed Urban and Regional Planner. Research field: Urban and Regional planning studies using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Special interest: Developing GIS databases, Spatial analysis for decision - making, Cartography.

Maria Latinopoulou

Architect – Urban + Regional Planner (MSc) / Associate Short bio

Professional experience in building construction design and permitting. Licensed Architect Engineer (AUTh) with post-graduate degree in Urban and Regional Planning (NTUA). Participation in conferences and publications on: spatial analysis, urban acoustics and space syntax.

Theofanis - Christos Keramidas

Urban + Regional Planner / Associate Short bio

Graduate of the Department of Planning and Regional Development of the University of Thessaly in Volos. The field of his research and interest concerns the development of urban planning and spatial planning tools/plans, as well as the study of the institutional framework and jurisprudence. Finally, he has prepared a diploma thesis on "Urban Planning Legislation: From the N.D. of 1923 up to Law 4447/2016", in which all the urban planning legislation of the country was analyzed and presented.

Dimitris Trompoukis

Urban + Regional Planner, Urbanist, Filmmaker / Associate Short bio

Urban planner and urban designer with a postgraduate degree in Spatial Planning and Development (A.U.Th. 2019), and a postgraduate degree in Urbanism at the Faculty of Architecture of TU Delft (MSc 2019-2021), as well as an active postgraduate student in the distance learning MSc program of the Department of Culture of Technology and Communication at the University of the Aegean with specialization in Culture and Documentary Film Production. His professional and research interests concern the fields of urban planning, spatial justice, urban commons and the exploration of alternative planning tools through digital media. Previous employment experience in the fields of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture in the Netherlands and Greece.

Dimitris Lioumis

Urban + Regional Planner - GIS Analyst / Associate Short bio

of the Department of Spatial Planning, Urban Planning and Regional Development and active postgraduate student of the MSc Geomatics program at TU Delft. Participation in geoinformatics conferences and publications on "Methodological approach for evaluating the landscape directions of Regional Spatial Frameworks". His academic and research interests focus on spatial analysis methods with Geographic Information Systems, Data Analysis, Programming, Geoinformatics and Cartography.

Iro Verroiopoulou

Urban + Regional Planner / Associate Short bio

Graduate of the Department of Planning and Regional Development of the University of Thessaly. Her research field extends to urban vulnerability and the tools to increase resilience, as well as the role of spatial governance in the urban planning process. Participated in the 1st OPEN-AIR CITIES International Conference
“Local and Regional Sustainable Development and Urban Reconstruction”

Lampros Syrakos

Urban + Regional Planner - GIS Analyst / Associate Short bio

Licensed Urban and Regional Planner (AUTh) and postgraduate student in the MSc Geoinformatics at the National Technical University of Athens. His diploma thesis was related to “Assessment of products from UAV with integrated Post-Processing Kinematic (PPK) system”. His research field extends to issues of Spatial Analysis and Urban Planning along with Geographic Information Systems. Participated and took 3rd place in the Open Innovation Competition of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology with subject “Exploiting 4th industrial revolution data for the development of innovative mobility services and applications”. Special interest: Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, Cartography, Data Analysis, Deploying and Maintenance Geodatabase.

Dr. Panagiotis Manetos

Dr. Rural, Surveying and Geoinformatics Engineer / Ext. Partner Short bio

He has 18+ years of experience in Geoinformatics. He is an EDIP member of the University of Thessaly and has participated in a significant number of national and international research programs with the object of designing and implementing spatial databases, cartographic processing, and visualization of large volumes of data and implementation of geographic information systems for decision-making. He has 4000+ teaching hours and 170+ citations from his scientific publications.

Dr. Harry Coccossis

Dr. Architect - Urban Planner (MSc-PhD) / Honorary Member of UTH - Ext. Partner Short bio

Emeritus professor of Urban and Spatial Planning in the Department of Planning and Regional Development, University of Thessaly. Greek and international research activity and publications in books and scientific journals on environmental issues planning and tourism development, integrated management of coastal areas and island development. Scientific consultant for environmental planning and tourism development issues.

Maria Goulara

Urban + Regional Planner (MSc) / Associate Short bio

She holds a diploma in Urban Planning – Spatial Engineering (AUTh) and a graduate of the postgraduate program of the Department of Geology and Geoenvironment of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, specializing in Environmental, Disaster and Crisis Management Strategies. Her fields of research and interest focus on the resilience of cities and post-disaster spatial planning. In the context of working at G+A she deals with the resolution of issues related to specific issues of urban planning. Active member and volunteer of IDRiM Society for a Safer World with participation in international conferences.

Maria Athanasiadou

Urban + Regional Planner / Associate Short bio

Graduate of the Department of Planning and Regional Development. Her fields of research and interest are focused on Geographical Information Systems. Her thesis was entitled "Exurban Development: A case study in East Attica". She has participated and volunteered in Panhellenic conferences. During her internship at the Hellenic Cadastre, she was responsible for control and correction of errors in the information level of the information of the distribution of the Greek Geodetic Reference System plates of the scales 1:2500 and 1:5000. The results of her work have been posted and are available through the Geoportal services of the Hellenic Cadastre and through the "open data" services.

With Whom

  • Alexandros Karditsas and Partners (AKSM)

    Topographical and Surveying studies

  • Doxiadis+

    Landscape Architects

  • Eυσταθιάδης + Συνεργάτες - Transportation Solutions

    Transportation studies

  • Livingscapes Mathousakis + Associates

    Landscape Architects + Urban Designers

  • Apostolos Georgiades + Associates

    Lawyers and legal advisers, law firm

  • Geodesign I.K.E.

    Geological/Hydraulic studies + provision of scientific and consulting services

  • LDK Consultants

    Environmental studies

  • Foster + Partners

    Architects + Urban Designers

  • ALDI
  • Grivalia Management
  • Mitsis Hotels
  • ELLAKTOR Group
  • Noval Property S.A.
  • White Mulberry Development Ι.Κ.Ε.
  • Lamda Development
  • EFG Eurobank Ergasias
  • Tombazis & Associates Architects
  • RND Investments Greece
  • Hellenic Chamber of Hotels
  • WWF


Private office established by Panagiotis Gimisis and Maro Malliotaki-Gimisi
Panagiotis Gimisis assumes the position of ADVISOR to the Minister of Public Works and Infrastructures E. Kouloumpis as well as Office Director in his Settlements Service
Panagiotis Gimisis focuses exclusively in URBAN LEGISLATION
1982 - 1985
Participation of Panagiotis Gimisis in the General Building Regulation (GOK)/1985 drafting committee
1988 - 1989
Participation of Panagiotis Gimisis in the drafting committee for BUILDING as well as FIRE PROTECTION REGULATION
Participation of Panagiotis Gimisis in the OLYMPIC VILLAGE Selection Committee for "Athens 1996" Olympic Games, where he suggested the selected site in Acharnes Lekanes area, where it was developed for the Athens 2004 OG
Study for Tourism’s country-planning-legal framework
Study for XENIA - CASINO Parnithas
Participation of Vasilis Gimisis in L 4495/2017 lawmaking committee, specifically for Section C: ENVIRONMENTAL EQUILIBRIUM AND TRANSFER DEVELOPMENT RIGHTS
Technical support for the approval of the INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT PLAN of M.P. ELLINIKO - AGIOS KOSMAS
TECHNICAL ADVISOR for an ESHASE investment (Tourism-Recreation), with a budget of 55 million €
TECHNICAL ADVISOR for ALDI, before a Court of Law
Assumes the position for the overall coordination of a major ESHASE investment plan (Tourism-Recreation) in Cyclades, with a budget of 120 million €
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