Project Category: ESHASE

Varko Bay Resort

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The project centers on an implementation study for a mild yet compelling investment plan, in a touristically underdeveloped area with significant potential, under environmentally and societally sustainable terms. The proposed strategic development unfolds in a plot of 182 stremmas, located in Varko, Vonitsa and includes a Complex Tourist Accommodation area with a luxury hotel, tourist furnished houses (villas) and other tourist facilities.

Mykonos Resort

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Proposal for the development of a touristic strategic investment, with the aim of developing the first to date Complex Tourist Accommodation area on the island, with 5* hotel facilities, tourist furnished residences (villas), other tourist infrastructure and accompanying facilities. The project promotes the harmonious coexistence of new and old tourism models, as well as the protection of the special natural and man-made Mykonian landscape. Accompanying the planning proposal, the team undertook the preparation of a Tourist Carrying Capacity study for the sustainable inclusion of the project on the island, a Landscape study, and developed a proposal for a non-binding Masterplan, where emphasis is placed on spatial restoration projects (trails, streamside area) and the possibility of opening part of the plot to local residents and visitors.

Pireos Str. 252

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This collaborative work revolves around the development of a complex cultural, commercial, business, residential and tourist hub which will revitalize the client’s urban property on the formerly industrial Pireos St. of Athens and will potentially instigate the formation of an Art District. Our team develops an implementation proposal using the strategic investment planning and legislative tools and provides a local street plan adjustment strategy.