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Reversing the effects of a major natural disaster

The project revolves around the development of a Special Town Planning proposal for the Municipality of Istiea – Edipsos. The proposed plan will be an integral part of the national effort to alleviate the disastrous consequences of the August 2021 wildfire in N. Evia, and it is called upon to cope with critical spatial, environmental and developmental challenges that arose then. At the same time, this is an opportunity for the implementation of an integrated spatial and urban plan that will cover the Municipality of Istiea – Edipsos in its entirety, as spatial organization has been to this day sparse in the area.

  • ClientDiazoma
  • Project Area499,3 sq. km
  • Budget210.000 €
  • Main Land UseN/A
  • Location N/A
  • Admin. UnitM. of Istiaia - Aidipsos